Boulder Opal Country 

Free Fossicking Pit For the Kids 

Winton is the World Capital of Queensland Boulder Opal.  From mining to wholesaling to exporting and retailing, our family has over 30 years of experience in the Opal industry. Our location close to the source allows us to provide the best possible Boulder Opal Gem at the most competitive price.  Our attention to detail in the cutting process as well as the craftsmanship of each unique piece can be seen throughout the wide selection of bespoke Boulder Opal Jewellery. As individual as you or I, Boulder Opal offers pieces within everyones budget.

Winton Opal Gems 

One of our most popular attractions is the Free Fossicking Pit for the kids. Prospecting for their very own piece of Boulder Opal keeps the little and big kids entertained for hours!

Daily screenings of the Award Winning Short Film, "Boulder Opal Country"  at the Vision Splendid Short Film Competition are featured in the shop.  The search for the most beautiful, rarest gems on the planet starts with the characters and their stories. 

Winton is the world capital of Queensland Boulder Opal, home to colourful characters of the outback who pursue this unique, rare gem. The film shows old timers who tried their luck in the 1970’s and current mining operations, including a tribute to the founder of the Queensland Boulder Opal Association, Vince Evert.The extended 15 minute version is featured in the shop.